PFD help please

I’m looking to up-grade my PFD from the old bulky beast I presently use. I mostly do flat water touring,& fish quite a bit. One that is comfortable and easy to use fishing would be great. I’m 5’7" and 175#. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

paddle safe, LJB.

You In The Range
of the sizes offered by most of the companies. The paddling PFDs have some many adjustment points these days, that you bound to have one that will fit you well and comfortably once adjusted. Worth a trip to a paddle shop near by and try the models they have.

At around $100, plus or minus, the comfort and safety of a good fitting PFD will make its value known over the long haul.


Extrasport makes on specifically
for fishing:

I mostly paddle to fish and I use an Extrasport Chica. I got a very good price through REI because they were upgrading to a new model.

Lotus Sea Sherman
My favorite PFD. Most comfortable that I have owned.

all for your help. I bought a Lotus.

paddle safe LJB.