PFD Idea

Does anyone know if something like this exists?

I would like a Type III vest for whitewater kayaking that has an extra inflatable bladder in it. Maybe in velcro closure pletes with a CO2 charge for emergencies. It would increase the Type III to a type V with the pull of a cord. I like my Type III but would like to have the option to increase my floatation in case I get in trouble in big water.

Thoughts? Does it exist?

Yes it does
They are typically called “Hybrid PFDs”

They can have either manual inflation, or CO2 cartridge

Kokatat SeaO2 is one example of CO2 cartridge pfd.

Astral, I think, has blow valve inflation model, can’t remember what it is called.

Sort of . . .
I once paid an extra 20 bucks for the insert for the Lotus Designs P-Vest. Basically, it was a chunk of foam you could put in the front pocket if you were expecting big water. Other times, it could be used as a pillow, they claimed. I liked the vest, but 20 bucks for a bit of foam!

Close…no cartridge
Stohlquist Descent with optional Add-a-Buoy.

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That one isn’t perfect but it is a step in the right direction. If the floatation was 15lbs with 25 total I might would buy it. I hope they continue with this idea.


Astral Hybrid
It’s discontinued:

Maybe you could find one in new old stock somewhere.

Astral Hybrid
yeah I bought a Hybrid last fall, old stock as it was already out of production then.

I like it.

Kokatat SEO2 is the most comfortable
PFD I have ever put on. I would have had one but the $200 price tag was a little rich for me.

This season i’ve been wearing the above mentioned stohlquist descent sans additional flotation (still plenty of float for my 210lbs in normal stuff). Pretty comfy, nice features like the portage pads on the shoulders. I needed a recue vest so i tried the descent and the astral green vest and liked the fit of the descent better (subjective) and it has more pockets (objective).