PFD interference with back rest

I have two PFD’s both standard style. My problem is that I am not particularly tall and both PFD’s push against the back band (and I have a narrow band, not a high seatback kayak). The result is not very comfortable with the pfd being pushed up. I have tried putting the pfd between me and the back band. That doesn’t work. I went in to look at new PFD’s and all seemed to be about the same length from shoulder to bottom of pfd. Some had a little adjustment with the shoulder straps but they still hung too low in the back. Is there a pfd model that is shorter in the back than in the front…or sits higher on my chest and back?


Check out whitewater PFDs
They’re generally shorter that PFDs designed for sea kayaking.

I’ve seen new PFD.s from stohlquist
MTI that are either thin or have no foam in the lower back. My old style locean does not bother me if I am sitting in my explorer, but when I lean on the back deck and look up at the stars or moon it interferes a tiny bit.

has a series (Mildwater, Deepwater, and _____) that have no foam down low. I have seen them in the flesh, while the Stohlquist seems to exist only in pictures. But I believe any of these would work for you. Might be a bit pricey in $Can - assuming that the Canadian CG accepts them.


Lotus Rio Bravo & Extrasport Kharma
Yup, look at whitewater “rodeo” type vests.