PFD knife

I just finished the Everglades Challenge and noticed that the two knives I carry had started to rust. Both of these knives I had used on trips on the Great Lakes with no problems. Both of the knives have “stainless steel” blades. What knives have some of you used that hold up well around saltwater?

how about this one?
titanium and supposedly corrosion-free:

My knife has held up well, 304 stainless, but I’m a fresh water paddler.


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If, after all opinions are expressed, you are still in doubt about what knife you want........

Go to the archives; type in "river knife" as the key word, search all the forums, and all the messages.
You will find 6 or 7 previous threads on the same subject, and approximately 150 responses to the same question.


Spyderco salt series
One has lived in a PFD pocket for about 2 years without a speck of rust. I paddle 95%+ of the time in salt water.

Wenoka “Squeeze” Lock Titanium Knife…

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...'Tanto' tip. Has to have opposing 'squeeze' to have it come out of sheath, so much less likely to come out accidentally (I nearly had a knife stab me in the foot that had a single action required to remove it from the sheath.)

Designed to fit right into a PFD lash tab that many PFD's come with now. No lashing, just stick it in there and you're done. No maintenance--a buddy of mine has paddled in the salt water for a couple of years (no maintenance given to it) with this and there's not even a hint of rust on it.

nice find
I may purchase one of these

I like the grip security of the hole…
…for your finger. One drawback I see in the Wenoka Titanium. Isn’t this the one in the latest SK that Cunningham says doesn’t rust? Must be some super special stainless (maybe why it is so expensive) because I haven’t personally seen a stainless knife that doesn’t rust in saltwater.

Just so you understand that you may
never, ever have occasion to need a knife for an emergency. I’ve been paddling since 1973 and have never needed one. You’re more likely to stab yourself accidentally than to actually need your knife.

I have been paddling since 1998 and have rescued myself with my knife. Get the knife and get titanium. Actually get two one for the PFD and one on the opposing ankle.

Oh and
Your life just MIGHT DEPEND ON IT!!!

curious what situation
I don’t doubt there may be a need since many recommend a knife, but I haven’t thought of a situation other than some VERY remote chance ones. I figure simple situations like accidentally hitting someone’s fish line or falling in kelp wouldn’t likely need a knife. Was your situation river or open water?

have not had to use it yet
but I can see a potential danger with my paddle leash.

I use a leash all the time since loosing a paddle is a great possibility (kayaking in the ocean).

Being tossed by a wave and entangling in the bungee of my paddle leash could be ugly.

Only few of my paddling buddies have a knife on their PFDs. Not sure if any have ever used it…

But hey, it still looks good and chicks dig it :wink:

Mr. Carefree strikes again…

NRS Pilot knife
Now available in titanium

I use mine all the time…
for the peanut butter.

I got the Wenoka . . .
. . . based on a previous thread. Very nice. Very secure. I hope I never have to use it.

Maybe not your life…
OK, never needed my knife to save my life… but this last summer, some buddies rescued a baby seal that was entangled in some nylon fishing net on Puget Sound. There were some do-gooders trying to help the poor thing but they did not have anything to cut with. Along came my buds and made easy work of freeing the guy quite quickly. The seal was a little freaky with all the humans around, but I am sure he was glad when he swam off. Reason enough for me to have one. But then I have never needed my PFD to save my life yet either. Nice to have when you need it though.

Many uses for a knife
as well as a life saver in a rare (but possible) situation. Why not have one - its not cumbersome and can be a great benefit to you! I have used mine for many things - including helping a guy cut away a fishhook in his shorts which he could not do (ha !) without a sharp instrument. Get one. Makes sense. Your life “could” depend on it some day.

By the way, I just bought a new knife - a Spyderco Salt H1 non rusting knife - awesome. Its a sheepsfoot blade so no point and serrated and yellow so visible.

A paddle leash
can be a real entanglement issue - especially in surf. Have you considered carrying a spare paddle instead of depending on a leash?

Re: PFD knife
You might want to also take a look at a Benchmade 100SH2O.