PFD - lash tab

Are all the lash tabs in the front of the PFD the same, standard size?

In my attempt to emulate Rambo I tried to attach the sheath of my Gerber River to a Lotus Rio Grande but the clip portion is too wide for it

Same here
With an Astral and a Stohlquist.

Ended up using three small wire ties.


zip ties
I’ve had luck using zip ties to fix knives to lash tabs

If you are like me
and you are frugal (AKA “a cheap SOB”) you tend to hang on to PFDs for a long time.

Those lash tabs degrade after many hours of sun exposure and become brittle. I have lost two knives that way.

NOC used to sell a nylon knife holder thing that you could sew onto your PFD called the “Action Jackson” but I haven’t seen that for years.

James Jackson was once the principal
salesman in the NOC store, a great guy who sold me a coupla boats and other stuff. His design was probably the prototype, but apparently even good companies like Lotus didn’t keep to the original idea. I have an old Lotus Sherman PFD and I’ll see whether my old Gerber River Knife fits in it.

You could religiously apply 303 to your lash tabs.