PFD lash tabs

Has anybody ever had experience relocating a lash tab an a PFD? I really like the Lotus PFD I have, however the when I attach my new rescue knife I find that due to the mounting angle of the tab, the tip of the sheath extends slightly beyond the PFD arm hole and my paddling arm keeps catching the sheath. Any suggestions other than changing or replacing gear?

Portable Tabs
BMO stocks a widget strap that can be placed in a number of places on your PFD.

My understanding is that if you permanantly alter your PFD (ie. use a needle and thread) you void the Coast Guard Cerification and the PFD is no longer legal.

Yet another overly broad regulation
that saves the officer from having to make a judgement call about the modification affecting function. I understand it, but I don’t like it.

Why is it legal to put a suspension lift kit on your truck and drive on public roads, but not to move a lash tab on your PFD?

It’s driven me to a life of crime. I cut an obnoxious logo off one of my PFDs, and dared sew a piece of velcro onto another one. Perforating the shell with a needle isn’t going to affect flotation. Do a neat job, test it, and go paddle in peace and comfort.

I bet you also tear off tags from
mattresses. Criminals like you make me sick. :slight_smile:

tearing off mattress tags
No longer a penalty punishable by law. Modify the vest, all the wardens and Guard ever do is make sure you have one, have on on when appropriate. In 35 years, checked many times, I’ve never had anyone ask to inspect my pfd.

Those Serta Sheep are coming to visit! Run, but you can’t hide.

Rotate 90 degrees?
Can you attach the knife so that it is oriented 90 degrees from the way you have it now? If I picture it right, the knife will point perpendicular to the way it is now. Maybe this will result in an orientation which makes it difficult to grab your knife, or causes it to interfere with other gear, paddling movement, etc. I don’t know, just a suggestion.

Smaller Knife maybe
Buying a smaller knife might be simpler than sewing on another lash tab. The PFD makers get access to both sides of the fabric when the lash tab is sewn on. I’ve sewn a few lash tabs on a couple packs and its rather difficult even with access to both fabric sides. On a wilderness trip last summer, I used a folding one handed e-z open Kershaw knife on my PFD. I ran a short piece of cord from one end to the other so it was nominally attached to my hand when opening it. If a Gerber Shorty might solve your chafe problem, I’ll give you a deal on my new dusty one.

Move the tab, they’ll never bust you
and if you have a bit of money and need to buy a knife; unless you think you have to cut a boat apart, buy a Emerson Lagriffe WWR fron one stop knife Small, super-sharp handles well with gloved hands.

Thanks for the input…
After all the goofing around someone pointed out that the clip on the sheath can not only be relocated to another position, but can also be rotated and adjusted at any desirable angle. Duh…

Problem solved