PFD options

Looking for mid range price options with pockets, comfortable including cool in the summer, and something that will not get in the way when I fish with crankbaits from my yak.

I use a Stohlquist Fisherman high back. Not to bad for sit on tops, plenty of pockets and seems to hold up to the abuse I give it.

Astral LDB
One of the nicest PFDs for staying cool and being out of the way.

Has two real pockets, but claims a couple of more.


This one

  • Big D

Thats my next PFD 'D’
I got to check out one of them Sawyer’s house. VERY well designed, more pockets than you got stuff to put in them, and that high-back foam will fit over top of just about any seat out there. Very comfortable and adjustable 9 ways to Sunday.

My only quibble is no knife clip…but thats minor.