PFD Pockets

I did not want to step on the other PFD thread but reading it got me thinking. I use a nice PFD and habitually wear it. I find that it is comfortable enough that I can ignor the fact that I am wearing it.

My PFD does not have any pockets. Has anyone modified a jacket to include a pocket?


Nope, but…
I wouldn’t see any problem with rivetting a pouch (or four) onto one of the adjustment straps as long as it’s still adjustable enough that you can make it fit properly for your winter and summer attire.

That Is A Great Idea
Yak A Lou, I will take a look this evening and see if that is possible on my PFD. I like that idea much more than gluing or stitching into the float cover.


A word of warning
Altering a PFD will probably negate the USCG approval for that unit. Of course, if you do a nice job it may not be noticeable and any law enforcement officer may not note the modifications. Basically, modification is a crapshoot.


Stolquist “Motion” PFD
I solved this problem by buying a new PFD. My old one was a longer version, and I wanted to get a shorter one, so it didn’t interfere with my seat back. had it on sale last year, and they do free shipping for anything over $99.00.

I don’t like to scrimp on a PFD, as it is “my life” I am trying to protect. I really like the “Motion” PFD, as it has 3 pockets on the front I use all of the time. It has 2 large ones, and a small one for a cell phone or GPS.

Happy paddling!

Straps and buckles?
If the PFD you are wearing has straps, just add pouches that have loops on them like a knife sheath…slide the pouches onto the straps, and bingo…

MY first PFD was acutally a ski Jacket…I had just bought my first boat, and wanted to get on the water…Off Season, even right on the lake, and it was all that was left…