PFD questins

Hi all. I’m new to kayaking and recently bought a used tempest which came with a paddle and PFD. The boat and paddle are fine, but the PFD is way too big for me (XXL and I need a SM/MED). So I went looking for a new one last week. I tried on several that felt bad at best and then I tried on a Kokatat Ronin Pro. All I can say is wow! It felt like a pair of well-fitting gloves and the range of movement is wonderful. However, the price tag is way over my budget. In-fact my wife said that she rather I’d swim, and trust me I don’t swim that well!! Unfortunately the store did not have the standard Kokatat Ronin and Kokatat is not responding to my e-mail. I found a few on-line stores with better prices, but I have a few questions.

  1. Other than the rescue harness, ring, quick release and extra wedding what are the other difference between the Kokatat Ronin Pro and the standard Kokatat Ronin?
  2. Can I remove the ring and quick release?
  3. If yes, will this change how the PFD feels?
  4. Will it hinder the use of the PFD in any way?
  5. Will I get in trouble (USCG or otherwise) for wearing a rescue PDF if I cannot rescue anyone? (Remember what I said about swimming above!)
  6. Has anyone tried on both and can tell me what the difference in fit/feel are?

    Any other information that you can pass on will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance, Alan

The Ronin will feel the same as the Pro
I just got the Ronin Pro and really like it. The only difference b/w the regular and the pro is the quick release belt and the couple loops that hold it in place. I would not want to pay for the Pro just to remove harness. You’re paying for the extra certification costs too. No use wasting that money. Use it for something else.

Keep looking
There’s no need to buy a rescue model since they are the most expensive. There will be other PFDs that fit just as well.

I’ve got the standard Ronin
and really like it. It’s my sixth PFD in 15 years and the best fitting one of the whole lot.


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Thanks, I just ordered the standard one on-line.