PFD Question

Since I am shaped like a Pyramid (small at the top and big at the bottom), my PFD rides up till, It is in my mouth. I have tried to tighten the straps till I can hardly breathe. That doesn’t work. Is there a PFD that comes with leg straps to hold it down? Or is there a better answer?

Extrasport PFD’s
I know you can get them for my Extrasport Hi-Float, but it’s a pretty bulky vest and only use mine when I do WW when I think my odds of swimming are pretty good. Another option (what I do 100% of the time) is to wear a belt on your paddling pants/shorts and clip the belt on your PFD under that belt. Here’s a link to NRS and the Extrasport. Good luck. WW

I disagree with the advice on the high float PFD’s. As far as safety is concerned, one is better off paddling with good control and bulky PFD’s diminish control. I like a type III, lower profile vest for that reason. I have often thought that these type vests with crouch straps would be optimal, but really not that critical unless the paddler is in heavy water ( big wind and waves or WW). As you tighten straps make sure the vest is pulled down to a normal level as you proceed. Stohlquist makes a vest with anti-ride material inside. I have not tried it but suspect they may be hot in the summer.


Try a different PFD
There are many PFDs out there that are made with those of us with shorter torsos – the Extrasport Chica or the Kokatat MsFit. They are designed for women who often have shorter torsos, but I’ve known men who like the fit as well.

Those ain’t real men :wink:
Just kidding, I actually tried a Lotus Lola once and found it extremely comfortable, I didn’t like the side entry but the fit was excellent.

I’ve seen one
I’ve seen one with crotch straps. You could probably add such straps to the PFD you own now.

Two That I Like
Kokatat MsFit and Extrasport Eagle. I’m not a pyramid but I am short-torsoed.

don’t tell the coast guard
but I have made all kinds of modifications to my PFD

Why not buy a length of strap and a plastic buckle, and take it to a seamstress and have them sew on for you? A single strap, between your legs, from front to back …

Does your PFD ride up while you’re in the kayak, while you’re in the water, or both? If it rides up while you’re paddling, maybe you should consider an inflatable. They are very comfortable and I don’t think you’ll have a problem with them riding up while you’re in the kayak. The only time I wouldn’t recommend an inflatable, is if the person doesn’t know how to swim. Then again, if the person doesn’t know how to swim, they shouldn’t be in a kayak in the first place.

Good luck,

Pedro Almeida

Lotus Mildwater is very adjustable.

the salesman always laughs
I try on every PFD when looking for a new one. A LOT of the womens fit me better than my current one. I enjoy the way they move around the torso. they have all the “normal” adjustment straps, but have extra seeming, or smaller panels, or what ever and they fit closer to the body. I look for a comfortable PFD for both canoe and Kayak, so it is sometimes hard to find one that really works great.

Mens, Womens, High profile, Low profile, I try them all on, and don’t care about the label or the colour or the patterns or any of that. Safety is up most, but Comfort ties with it.


I use 2 pfds,
actually, I use either an inflatable or an

Astral LDB when paddling, because they are

very comfortable and provide maximum ventilation.

If you like to indulge in some lazy swimming, and

wear a pfd while doing that, as I do, then I prefer

to wear a fishing or skiing type of pfd for that. They have

big flat panels that cannot slide up very far when

worn snug. Good luck, and Happy Paddling!

Try Astral Aqua Vests