PFD recall - certain Lotus ones

-- Last Updated: Aug-02-07 11:34 PM EST --

I didn't do a thorough check so I hope this topic hasn't already been posted.

I'm posting this on the Advice board so that anyone seeking an opinion on PFDs will see it.

No deaths, accidents or injuries have been attributed to the PFDs, so kudos to Lotus for being pro-active about this. They do make some nice PFDs.

Lotus or Patagonia?
You mention Lotus but the link is to Patagonia PFS’s. Did Patagonia acquire Lotus or am I missing something here?

Patagonia acquired Lotus
and now, several years later it appears that the Lotus marque will be dropped.

Recall as I understand it was over loss of bouyancy over time.


Thanks. I’ll check out my Mildwater.

I don’t know the relationship
between Lotus and Patagonia. I did notice for returns, the US returns go to Lotus and the Canadian returns go to Patagonia. Don’t know if that’s significant.

This has nothing to do with the rcall , but I’ve got a Skanorack that has deteariorated an was able to check out their policy -----so THANKS for the link