PFD recommendation needed for sea kayaking

I’m looking to replace my tattered 15 year old Kokatat Misfit Tour.

I really like my old one but before I reorder the same one, I was wondering if anyone else has any suggestions I should try.

My only major requirements are the VHF pocket, I’m not interested in fastening it to a shoulder strap. I also need a zippered chest pouch for my PLB.


PLB and VHF are what size?

The ACR PLB measures:

2”w, 2-1/4”d, 4-3/4”h

The body of the Standard VHF measures:

2-1/2”w, 1-3/4”d, 5-1/4”h plus the antenna, which of course would extend out of the vest pocket.

I’ve been really happy w/ my Astral Blue Jacket. No dedicated VHF pocket but it does have a massive clamshell type pocket and side pockets that swallow gear without becoming overly bulky.

I have no problem fitting my VHF (Standard Horizon HX40), InReach Mini, knife, whistle, spare keys, granola bar, electrolytes. Can fit some basic first aid in there too if I want.

I find it less cumbersome than jackets with a ton of pockets for doing re-entry/self rescue, and I love that it has space for a hydration bladder.

It was just discontinued so you can find them pretty deeply discounted right now. The new version (Bowen) looks more or less the same but lacks the ability to carry water.

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