PFD recommendations

I’d like to buy a new PFD for my husband. Paddles a sea kayak, he has a belly, he likes good quality gear and likes pockets and a place to hang his knife. Our local paddle shop has very little selection, so I’m stuck shopping on the internet. Any advice from guys would be greatly appreciated.

Kokatat MisFit
Made fer wimmins but aar right comfertabool fer belly totin’ menfolk. Ah’ likes dem.


I’m a big guy and use a Stohlquist. Forgot the model, but its got two pockets in front, left one has a clip for whistle/key etc. Pockest are articulated and have little drain scuppers. Knife slot on upper back left shoulder side. Lots of adjustability. High cut in back for ease of maneuvering and comfort in a kayak.

I paid around 70 bucks on sale. I love it. Gold color.

extraport osprey

It is made for fishermen who in general have bigger bellys and need more pockets than the average paddler.

2nd the MsFit from a guy
I love mine and I’ve got a “bit of a belly” (ha!).

Astral LDB (nm)

peak Uk?
did anyone in sea kayaking try and care to comment on the Peak UK pfd’s ?

I have a Peak UK

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H2O version and I like the fit, very comfortable. The one drawback is it is a slip over the head deal. Very adjustable to make snug but still mobile. No pinching or chaffing, does not inhibit rolling. No belly issue here so don't know if fit over belly would be a problem.

I can't sea where it is US Coast Guard approved but it passes the Brit test i rekon.

Lots of Cross Dressers Here
I have a MS Fit. I have no belly but it would accomodate one. It rides high. A more macho sounding pfd that is loaded with pockets and rides high is the Extrasport. I think the model is ‘eagle’ or ‘osprey’. Don’t know if they still make it but it’s been very comfortable and manly for me.

Kokatat Outfit Tour or Bahia Tour
I have owned Lotus Designs and Kokatat PFDs and would recommend both highly. The 2 models I listed seem to have the pockets your huband would like. Please don’t buy your husband the Ms Fit. My wife owns one and it looks like a great PFD …but its called a Ms Fit.

MTI Riptide fits really good has hi floatation, pockets, knife tab, has a wide fit range and is a good price. I found mine at

Oh Come On…
let’s go put on some make up, put on our MS Fits, and go downtown.

One more
and yes, it does accommodate a belly.

Luv the Riptide
sans belly now :slight_smile:

And again
Make that a 3rd for the MsFit. On advice of counsel, I can neither confirm nor deny that I have a ‘belly’.

Astrals fit big bellies …

pfd w/ signaling device
I’d suggest using a visual signaling device with a pfd.

Rescue streamer makes an awesome signaling device that the USCG says triples the chances of being seen when lost at sea. I think their under $30 and can be bought directly from the manufacturer at


Me too…
Great PFD for a guy.

Stohlquist CruiserNM