PFD- sea Kayaking

Hunting a new PFD. Mostly paddle warm weather. All waters. Any thoughts on the NRS CVest? Like the mesh one the back and the price isn’t bad. Thanks!

That is what I use, and I am planning to buy another, as mine is getting a bit old, and we want another vest for guests to use.

I have found it very comfortable, cool during hot weather, and plenty of pockets.

Astral V-8. As comfortable and cool as they come.

Although I’m still nursing along a faded antique Lotus Designs PFD, quite a few people I know have gone with the Kokatat MSfit. Although supposedly designed for women, both men and women have been pretty happy with it.

We used Kokatat MsFits for years. Eventually, we replaced them with Astra Bluejackets, which I find a little more comfortable. The MsFits have better pockets if you are carrying lots of stuff. Both are very good.

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Mustang inflatable, do not know it is there until you inflate with the CO2 cartridge.

I’m not a big fan of inflatables, although they are very popular with SUPs. There is a reliability issue. I’ve known a couple of cases where they did not inflate and one case where one inflated accidentally. If a paddler is incapacitated in some way they may not be able to activate it.

Although I believe that a PFD should always be worn while on the water, with a Type V it is a USCG requirement, as it is with most states.

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Thank you all so much for the feedback! I have a couple models to look into. Happy floating!

Well for windfoiling I always wear a regular PDF, since I am traveling at high speeds. But I kayak at slow speeds and a regular PDF gets hot in Florida heat. I see your point, but the Mustang brand is well known, not a cheap knockoff, and in 14 years I have never needed to test it and it has always been on my waist with no accidental inflation.

If it’s never been tested 14 years, how do you know it will work? CO2 cartridges and the activating systems degrade over time, especially in salt water.

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I coated the CO2 cartridge with Rustoleum paint and that has kept it in perfect condition, and like I said Mustang is a well know brand because it is well made, the mechanism is in like new condition!, see picture. But seriously, activating mechanism is simply a lever that punches a hole in the sealed CO2 cylinder, what could go wrong with that?

Happy New Year to everyone!

I’ve been loving my C-vest and I hate being hot.