PFD Sizing

For a lotus designs pfd, do people typically buy for their chest size (I’m a 40 inch chest) and hope the adjustable range will fit over their clothing, or buy one size up in case they are planning to cold water paddle in a dry suit?

My summer pfd…
is size small, and my winter pfd is size large. I can’t zip up the small pdf over my winter clothes.But I don’t have a Lotus - possibly their sizing is more expandable.(My winter pfd is a little too big, but it’s comfortable.)

Lotus Designs PFDs are very adjustable. I have literally cinched down a L/XL to accommodate a toddler and picked up the kid by the shoulder straps – and he didn’t fall out. THAT’S adjustable! I recommend that you get the bigger size and adjust as needed over whatever clothes you need for seasonal paddling. -Randall

My Lotus
was pretty flexible and could move up or down as needed to match the clothing I was wearing, as far as chest size. So I had a medium when I probably strictly speaking could have gone to a small. (I mostly use a Kokotat now.)

The one problem I ran into with going a little big was that it rode up a little higher than my shoulders unless I was weearing tons of clothing. It was the one with a full length foam back. But I am 5’3", you may have enough torso length to avoid that problem.


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I’m roughly a 36 and I believe my Rio Grande is a Medium (it’s been a while since I looked). In the summer, I have the straps cinched all the way in, and in the winter, I have them openned up almost all the way, but it definitely handles from my rash guard to layers and layers of stuff with no problems.