PFD squeaks rubbing seat

I have a Necky Manitou kayak with an older style rubberized seat. The seat is fully adjustable and very comfortable, but I find there is squeaking with every stroke as this seat rubs against my PFD. The squeaking is actually pretty loud and somewhat annoying. Anyone have any ideas on anything that can be done to reduce / eliminate the rubbing noise?

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Have you tried applying Aerospace 303 to the seat? That might work and you should have a supply on hand to maintain your hatch covers.

What kind of PFD? Where is it rubbing? Does it cover your back?

I have not. Thanks for the advice. I’ll give it a go.

It’s a standard kayaking PFD from MTI - half open back design. The bottom of the upper padded part is rubbing on the top of the seat.

Can you trim the seat down? Compare that PFD to another made for paddling like an Astral V8. I’ve paddled several different boats with my V8 with no rubbing.

I suspect I’d think the seat back it too high or the back panel on the pfd is too low. If the 303 doesn’t work put something like a “bond breaker” on the seat, duct tape, tee shirt , etc.