PFD straps: Will they stretch?

After scouring the web for the out-of-stock-everywhere NRS mesh-back PFD, I finally got one delivered today. As with everything I buy to wear, I’m a tweener between medium and large. Every fitting guide puts me in two size categories. I hate it.

I ordered the L/XL of this PFD, and it fits snug when all the straps are pretty much cinched all the way. But are the straps going to stretch over time?

I’m not even sure if I could find an XS/Med if I looked, but return it I will, if I must. Thoughts?

You will be fine. You would not be able to exert enough normal force to stretch a pfd strap without causing buckles or stitching to fail first.

I have the opposite problem, my straps appear to shrink. It couldn’t be that I gain weight?


Not in my experience.

Thanks. Appreciate it.

If they’re poly webbing then they’re not going to stretch.

How much extra do you have though after you cinch them up. If there’s a lot of excess strap I’d be tempted to cut them and seal the ends with a flame. A too long strap could be a entanglement risk.

Yeah, that’s the plan. There’s a good 8 to 10 inches of extra strap dangling about.