PFD Visibility (Yellow vs. Orange)?

Specifically, in the Kokatat line…

I’m getting a new one, and undecided on color…

Figured I’d let you all chime in. :slight_smile:

Thinking about this one… fits like a comfortable glove, and I know lots of guys and girls that wear them w/ rave reviews…

Very comfortable
I have it and it will be replaced by another when this one is due for retirement. Only comment on color - whatever you start with will eventually fade from exposure to the sun. So the visibility issue is about faded yellow v. faded orange.

God’s way of telling me it’s time to get a new PFD!!! :slight_smile:

And maybe boat… or paddle… or drytop… while I’m there!

Pick the one that
fits well and looks good on you. If they can’t see you and and any of the PFDs on the market then neither of those colors will matter.

Buttery Bolus Of Blubber!
Georgia Kayaker offering advice on the fit and comfort of pfds? Whats next, cherubs with chest hair? Oy!

Good choice
That’s a great pfd - as soon as I tried it on my Norge became a loaner pfd. Mine’s orange, and looks quite stylish with both of my yellow boats. There’s probably not much visibility difference between yellow and orange, just buy the color you like.

How to wear a PFD

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will be my next topic.

...and it will be my shortest.

Answer: Ask someone else!