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I am in the market to buy a PFD...yes I know I should already have one buuut I dont. I was wondering which Extrasport PFD is the best for paddling a kayak. I want one that is lightweight and not bulky. Thanks for the help


MTI is good
Not sure what model I have…it is an over-the-head model (no zippers or buckles), lightweight and doesn’t chafe.

I have an Astral Bouyancy PFD that is very comfortable as well, but a bit bulky in front…one you might like for kayaking, though, especially if you have a backrest, since there is little padding in the back to interfere with the backrest.

Whatever one you try, swing your arms around as if you are paddling to determine if any part of the vest rubs against your arms, especially under your arm or on the biceps. Chafing sucks.

And make sure it is comfortable, otherwise you won’t want to wear it, and it is of course useless unless you wear it.


Noboby should paddle w/o a PFD

…I’m Nobody

Paddlin’ on


whatever bobby

PFD Choices

Are you into white water kayaking,or sea kayaking? If you sea kayak go for a high bouyancy PFD like Extrasport Rescuer, the U22 Agency Hi-float, or Kokatat Guide.

If you are white water kayaking the NRS Groove, Lotus Aquavest 200, Retroglide Sabre by Extrasport are good picks. Avoid models that are made specifically for rafting or canoeing like Extrasport Ultrafloat, UT5 Gorge, Swiftwater Ranger or Hi-float B 27. They are all cut low on the waist even though they may have large arm holes. Good luck on your pick. Try several on and sit in a kayak with the spray cover in place.

My favorite PFD for all around use is the U22 Agency HiFloat. It has straps on the size and over the shoulders which allow adjustment to almost all sizes. It fits high on the waist, has two pockets and two rings, and reflective tape for night pick up. At 22 Floatation it keep my 6’3" 225pounds frame from eating alot of water in rough conditions. It also allows freedom of arm movement, and more air circulation on the sides of the chest. The foam floatation adjusts to your structure with time. The prices for all the PFD’s I have mentioned run from $110. to $180.

Good luck in your choice.