This seemed like a great deal and super non restrictive. Of course i only ordered online because the one i tried on at west marine wasnt available in a high vis color. Nothing to with the almost 50% savings…LOL. Thanks for the help.

Stohiquist Drifter…

Knockoff perhaps ?

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--- Doesn't seem to match the new original exactly .....

Surprised someone would sell it sooooo cheap

- Might also be an older model - 3 years back

Just added pockets to new one
It is common for manufacturers to sell even one year old models to the discount places when they make changes like they did in the Drifter.

…Maybe from last year+…
Great buy… As KM mentioned, just sew on a pocket or two…or three.


Don’t Know About the PFD…
…but just received a package from Austin Canoe & Kayak. They’ve been good folks to deal with in the past and fast standard shipping. This experience was the same. WW

It’s probably …
a few years old model. I bought eight of that model for use at work around 2004 or so. They are very comfortable and no one complains about wearing a PFD since we got these. Even with a hefty discount I paid more than you did. Good find!

Online nothing
It’s not like West Marine is a mom and pops store

Close Out - discontinued
It’s a close out model - that’s why it’s such a good deal… they have to get rid of there stock - they sell there inventory to big box online store - such as ACK