Hey i’m looking for a pfd that actually fits. I’m 6’7 and 245 lbs. most XLs are a joke. If money isn’t an object, what brands should I seek out to try on?

First of all.
Look only at jackets that are designed specifically for paddling. I would check out NRS, MTI, Kokatat, Stohlquist, Extrasport … In other words, go to the “Gear Guide” on this website.

What sort of craft will you paddle?
Whitewater kayaks, canoes, sea kayaks, rec kayaks can call for different kinds of coverage. I’m almost as tall, have a very long torso, but use short whitewater life jackets from Stohlquist and similar. They extend only down to the bottom of my rib cage. Loosening them allowed good fit when I was 230 pounds.

You really need to try on a lot of different models in a good store, rather than mail ordering. You want a PFD that will work right, more than one that only looks right.

I am 6’, 280lb, carrying most of my weight in my upper body, and wearing an NRS Chinook in XXL, and it fits comfortably outside or inside the boat. On the back panel, there is floatation in the top and mesh in the bottom so it doesn’t interfere with the kayak seat back.

Extrasport Makes A Fully Adjustable PFD
I’m neither huge nor small. I don’t even come close to maxing mine out. I’d imagine it would work for you. NRS carries them.

You, your boat, and your life jacket
are all unique to you and your paddling environment(s). I would make every effort to try jackets in the boat(s) you’re going to use. Even on the shop floor if water not available. Especially if you’re willing to spend big $$$. Jacket comfort is very important. R

echo this^
You’ll thank ezwater when you’re using that PFD on a hot day.

stohlquist towmotion should fit
I’m 6’7 and 225. I have a stohlquist towmotion pfd. comes in XXL. The shoulder straps adjust enough to get it positioned right. The side adjustments still have some room so your extra 20 lbs should fit.

move quick
the tow motions were $51 on steep/cheap in XXL size a month ago. Might still have a few left…I bought 3 in red