PFD's 4 Pear People

Being at that awkward age (60+) where my middle is now larger than my chest, PFD’s readily slide up and over my head. I currently have an Extrasport, Osprey PFD for kayak fishing. I’m an absolute beginner having only taken the kayak out two times.

Any suggestions for a suitable solution to my problem? Being disabled and on a fixed income really limits the funds.

Large PFD
I have a PFD from Stearns MFG in St Cloud, Mn that might serve your needs. It is their model 29-70 and will fit chest size up to 68 inches.

You step into it and it has straps that go between the legs like a parachute. You can’t fall out the bottom.

I got mine at West Marine.

Have the same problem with my old
jacket. I find the new ones with long adjustable nylon shoulder straps (with split neoprene pads that don’t spring the shoulder straps back up) allow me to wear it real low and cinch it up well under my gut vice chest :-). Low cut Kokotat Ronins seem good, also the Stolquest fisherman, but I’m still looking. May be the most important piece of gear you get so I’d buy fit not price. R

I Have a Long, XL Torso Too

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Look For the kind that have adjustable shoulders for possibilities. The best I've found so far is the Extrasport Retroglide Sabre. WW