PFD's and tall seat backs

I’m considering adding a tall-backed fishing seat to my Ocean Kayak Caper. I don’t have any local dealers for the seats so I’m not able to “test drive” any.

Please let me know if you have any experience with a tall back seat.

Also, share any thoughts on comfort issues relating to PFD’s. Will I need a mesh back like the Mildwater or the Baja Back models from Extrasport?

Thanks for the info.

I have a Tarpon which has a fairly
high seat back . I use a Mildwater .Very comfortable.

Tall seat backs are a bad idea
Sure, they may make it easier to lounge around, but when you paddle, they chafe and you run into problems with PFD’s interfering. For paddling, you need support at the hips, not the back.

OT makes a Loon PFD with a thinner
back to it. I have one, (it was on sale), and it really feels less bulky.

What’s bad feels good
I find that the high seat back that Old Town puts in their rec kayaks is very comfortable for me. Of course, most of my paddling is “recreational” and I lounge a great deal. The high back does tend to interfere with my sprayskirt a little, and limits any “layback” when I roll. I also had to get a PFD with a thinner lower back panel (the Baja Back feature in Extrasport models) before my PFD was totally comfortable.

I don’t like aback band at all when
touring, bu sounds like you are primarily a rec boater and fisherman, so a tall seat back may make sense for you:) I have a pungo 120 for dog paddles, and I use a Lola Mildwater when in this boat. It’s also comfortable when it’s hot.

bought a caper last year…

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...for fishing. coincidentally most of the fishing i do is trolling. the standard seat back does a good job of making me feel 'locked in' like in a traditional kayak but it does suck for lounging- which is something i'd be doing a lot of if i was still-fishing.
if you do get a high back seat, don't take to paddling in that leaned back lougning position it's really inefficient and it'll wear your arms out.

oh, and about the pfd interference- if you're sitting properly- up straight or leaning slightly forward you shouldn't have much of a problem. don't get lazy and lean back while you paddle.

Tall seat backs are a fine thing
Goin fishin?

Nothing like being able to lean back and rest your back when fishing or “simply messing about in boats”…

My wife’s Loon 138 has a taller type seat back and I use a cane seat back on my canoe too. I find that the padding in the back of my CLC stock kayak type PFD’s is kind of comfy against the seat back in both these boats.