PFD's for Greenlander with Ocn cockpit

I am having problems finding a comfortable PFD for my Greenlander with an ocean cockpit. Because the foredeck is high and the cockpit relatively snug, most pfd’s ride to low. Does anyone have a suggestion? Also prefer something with pockets for day trip gear. Thanks, Phyllis

Lotus Sea Sherman
Most comfortable pfd I have ever worn.

My choice
I have a new Greenlander with round, OC and use the Astral LDB PFD. Works great, mesh-only back and kapoc seems more moldable than the foam on my other pfd’s. Find them at NRS website for one, about $95 I think. I can also slip my camelback (small one) into the back mesh as it has a guideloop to run your sipping tube too.

Nice gear by real paddlers.


I Second the Lotus Sea Sherman
I paddle a Pintail OC and find the Sea Sherman to be very Comfortable,

Astral LDB
I have the Astral LDB for my Greenlander too. I’m finishing up my CLC/Mark Rodgers Arctic Hawk right now. I didn’t install the true ocean cockpit (16x20), but the slightly larger 16x24 which is still considerably smaller than the 16x31 cockpits on most production boats. The mesh Y-back should help a lot with any layback rolls (there is actually 1/2" or so of padding along your spine in the LDB, so it even cushions against the coaming). The back is very open and should breathe much better than my older Locean that used to trap heat in the summer like a fur coat. Only thing to watch for is that with the majority of the kapok flotation on the front it is a little bigger in the belly than some others. With my 16x24 cockpit it actually works perfectly. As I lean forward the pfd tucks right into the cockpit, and I can easily put my forehead on the front deck. So check out the Astral, but keep the slightly bulkier belly in mind.