PFD's for larger women

My life used to wear a Lotus Designs Lola. These were acquired by Patagonia and later discontinued in 2007. She has gained some weight and the Lola no longer fits. I ordered a BetSea plus size from Stohlquist, but its too tight. I measured her at 49". Does anyone have any suggestions for a PFD that may work well?

Vaikobi Ocean Racing Vest
Is the pfd my daughter used in the recent 2015 U.S. Surfski Champ’s in San Francisco. It’s her favorite and most comfortable pfd yet. Costs over $100+ USD and available at Ocean Paddle Sports (East or West). Made especially for the paddle stroke, plus there’s a back pocket to carry your favorite 2 ltr. hydration bladder, so you can drink and paddle at the same time.

Astral used to be Lotus

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Astral Designs was started by Phil Curry, who had previously owned Lotus. He had to wait a year after selling off Lotus (due to a "non-compete" agreement with Patagonia) to start the new company. So the Astral products are designed around the same quality lines and gender specific fit. I'm a fan and own 3 of their models, find them very suitable for a voluptuous female form (I have an Abba, a Camino and a V-8). Their L/XL goes up to a 51" chest. The V-8 is by far the most comfortable PFD I have ever used. I also have an old Lotus Lola, which was my first PFD. It seems constricting to me now compared to the V-8. Most REI stores seem to stock the V-8.

NRS Siren
Interesting. “Canoe Girl,” a reviewer of the new NRS Siren Life Jacket, wrote “If you liked the Lotus Designs Lola you will love the new NRS Siren!” The L/XL fits up to a 52" chest. Boat Safe.



Astral V8
Outdoorplay stocks them in Blue and in Orange, and also has an online coupon for 10% off.

REI has it in Gray and in Orange.

on it appears also, in Blue, Orange or Gray. If you have a credit card that links points to Amazon shopping, as I do, you can save $$ or even get the vest to free or close to it. That’s what I did when buying the NRS C vest. I do not recommend that for large busted women however with a 49 inch chest :wink: