PFDs: this, that or some other thing

I’m looking at these two PFDs:
Kokatat Hustle and NRS Ninja.

They share similarities in design. Reviews of the Ninja complain about not enough storage space. My current vest has small hand warmer type pockets which can hold some essential safety gear but finding a place for the radio is difficult. The antenna is either directly in my face if I clip it to a lash tag, or the body of the radio is in my face on the shoulder strap. I prefer “low” profile designs that don’t ride up on the front or back but I’m flexible. Yes, I know about the MsFit. A little on the bulky side.

Has anyone tried one of the Peak UK models? I’m intrigued by the integrated hydration pocket (since I can’t see how you’d clip the bottom edge of an external bag to either of the ones listed above or my current Astral)…but the Peak looks even bulkier than a MsFit.


I’ve been using the Hustle as my daily low profile off. Ok storage. Very different tailoring and foam than the ninja. I would lean towards the Hustle. Skip the hydration pack and get a spare day hatch cover to put a hole in for your hydration tube so as to carry the bladder below decks. Magnetic clip to shoulder strap for the tube.

I have had the Ninja for almost 10 years now… I agree it lacks adequate storage… the kangaroo pocket is ok, but the stuff is not contained so it still has to be on a lanyard.

I don’t know what I’ll get for my next vest, but something with more storage.

The ninja fit is great. I like everything about it but the lack of storage

I have the Hustle R difference is belt and material thickness.

I LOVE THE VEST. Most comfortable vest ever! I’ve had about 6. Five kokatat, one Stohlquist Trekk. Astral V8 was the worst I sent it right back not in the count above.

Hustle stays down on your body. Storage is decent. Very comfortable shoulder straps. Allows great arm rotation or movement.

If I can I’ll make a video of it this week.

I came across this review. Same guy also reviewed the Ninja with almost the exact same commentary. Yes, he’s a random dude with a Youtube channel but he mentions something significant: low profile features (often means sacrificing storage) vs. adequate amount of floatation based on body size.

Speaking only for myself, it’s easy to get caught up in one aspect (profile or amount of storage) and lose sight of the fact that it has to keep your head above the water!

Hope someone here has experience with the Peak brand.