PFD's with molle loops?

So here’s my question…
I see plenty of fishing vests with all sorts of pouches and what not.
But I can’t seem to find any that also have molle loops (those standardised loops you’d find on anything military like vests and backpacks).
They really are quite handy with lots and lots of things you can mount to them.
Maybe even just a barebones vest with molle all down the front (and back) in regular/(high)visible colors rather than cammo/kakki/black.
Not liking the idea of putting on a molle vest over a pfd. Especially one in the cammo colors.

Any ideas?

@Flexvalves, all I wanted ever wanted is one or two D-ringd to loop the GPS, radio lanyard and Pelican carbineer, but you cant find them on most vests models.

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The Kokatat Poseidon sounds like what you are after, but I don’t believe they make it anymore.

The Poseidon seems to have loops. But they aren’t of the molle type. So you can’t use it for those accessories.

Indeed. A set fairly high by / on the shoulders would be great. I clipped a carabiner up there as a mounting point for the short lanyard I put on my rugged phone.

I suspect there aren’t many vests with attachment loops because…do you really want to be dangling a bunch of stuff off a device that was designed to help you float and not drown?! Too much “flair” hanging off = stuff that can get hung up during a swim or rescue.

Having said that, perhaps the solution is to buy the PFD that fits you best and take it to a seamstress/tailor and have them add the loops.


so generally I’m trying to stream line my vest to prevent snagging hazards. I’m on rivers a lot with current, some wood, and hanging stuff is a poor idea if swimming. Folks tend to focus on the knife. I have a different approach. I want a clean jacket free of snag potential. Things like loops, wiffle balls on grab loops, drain plug cords, leashes, untucked straps, even a whistle or the knife sheaf can become a hazard in a strainer or become entangled on a rock. Time for me to buy another triple x splash top to put over the pfd for heavily wooded streams. My last one got given away to a large paddler.


I was shopping for PFD‘s recently and, like you, didn’t see many with molle loops. Such loops are more common on rescue vests, such as the Force 6, described at the following URL: FORCE 6 RESCUE OPS PFD - Dive Rescue International Most rescue vests are really nice, and there are other rescue vests available with molle loops.

Also, the Lure Angler II sold by Old Town has a short set of molles on each shoulder strap. It too looks like a nice vest. URL:

Purchasing a PFD online without without the opportunity to try it on obviously has its hassles, but that may be the way you have to go.

Also, I want to repeat what others have pointed out on this post. It’s quite dangerous to have too much, if any, stuff attached to the exterior of your vest, simply because it could become entangled in lines, fishing gear, whatever, and make it difficult to right your kayak and scramble back on board when you really need to. Worse yet, entanglement could prevent the PFD from bringing your head up above water—a bad scenario, all the way around. But I’m lecturing.

Hope this helps. Let us know what you end up doing.


@Bobonli, you make a good point, however, I actually use those loops after landing only, to attatch devices and free my hands as I return to the car. You do make a good point that the rings could still snag when not intended. That makes me rethink the idea of rings.

@BorealWoods, a PFD is differentbthings to different people. Its hard to find the perfect vest. The most important featires to me: high pad. On back so it doesn’t interfere with the seat back. I prefer few or flush pockets, a convenient spot for the VHF that doesn’t interfere with paddling and a buckle at the bottom so I can open the zipper to ventilate without fear that the vest will slip off.

For me, I’m not planning on attaching too much to my vest.
Also, I’m not fishing or anything. So no lines to get snagged.
It would be more for fall/winter to help attach my phone / photo camera and a flashlight. Better than my current solution (see below)
For summer I’m not using a vest on most outings. It’s always on calm waters and in a group. I’m looking into something like a hiking vest for those trips.
The few trips on open water where a vest is demanded by the organizer is another thing…

My current vest (Palm Meander HB) only has one, flush, pocket. I strung a bit of boat elastic (5-6mm) trough the pocket’s drain hole to a little loop near the zipper and a carabiner on the end of the shoulder strap. That manages to put my phone relatively stable and secure. But it needs a better solution. If I went overboard the phone could easily slip out and hit me in the face. And these rugged phones probably pack a punch…
And not having my phone/camera readily available has cost me some fine missed opportunities.

@Flexvalves, my phone has to attach to the kayak.

You can sew your own on with nylon thread.

Too much like work.

I’ve also looked for a PFD with a molle system. I don’t want to hang more stuff on my PFD, I just want to be able to customize the setup. I’ve got extra stuff I want to carry when fishing, but when not fishing I want to remove the bulk. I looked at the FORCE 6 linked above and it’s not for me because it’s got huge, non-removable pockets that aren’t designed for the things I use pockets for. You can get molle pockets and other accessories in different shapes and sizes from different manufacturers, so ideally I’d like something that doesn’t have any integrated pockets or accessory features, just a molle loop front that I can fit out the way I want. The closest I’ve been able to find is this rescue-oriented vest, but it’s not designed for comfortable paddling:

I also found an aviation-oriented inflatable PFD with a molle system, which is no use for paddling but I would consider it if I had a powerboat.

As it stands, I’m probably going to buy a fishing-specific PFD if my son and I make kayak fishing a regular thing.

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It looks like a simple no features vest combined with a molle vest over top is what we would end up with.

Ouch. Is that CAD in dollars or cents. My paddle didn’t cost that much.

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It’s for “Professional Rescue”. They charge more because it takes a shedload more work to sell anything to a government entity, compared to consumers.

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Quality cost more.

I doubt there is any quality difference. It appears to be just an ordinary Type 3 vest with some molle straps and velcro patches sewn on. I think it’s expensive because they’re catering to a small market that requires a lot of paperwork and other overhead to make a sale.