I am looking for a PFD that will fit. I am 6’ 4" approx 290lbs. All of the PFDs that I have come across stop at size 52, I need about a 58 - 60. Any ideas?

Check out a Lotus Mildwater XXL.
It might be big enough.

Stohlquist PFD’s
Stohlquist has a range of PFD’s that come in XXL size. You may find one of their PFD’s that might fit and I recommend contacting them for more information.

If you cared enough to google

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"xxxl pfd" (no quotes to google this) you could find a link to this company in the first five:

ONly a generalist company can make PFD's to fit folks at the far end of the curve. Stohlquist and kokatat are already in niche markets, cannot manufacture for a niche of a niche

Might not be the best for mobiliity but there you go.

Use us well.

Good Paddling to you

Try Before You Buy
I think you should really get out and shop, rather than order online. I wear an XXL and I find the sizing varies greatly.

I just try on every PFD I see when I get into a store than sells them.

Seems better but
more expensive:

that’s it for me

I’m 6’5" 300#
I have a Stohlquist Drifter. It’s an awesome PFD. Very adjustable and doesnt ride up on you.

If the drifter fits
or the mocean that would be a great thing! Not cheap but maximally mobile.