ph capella 163 vs 169

Looking at a ‘05’ PH capella 169 vs. ‘06’ PH capella 163. My wt 185 lbs. Had a chance to demo the 169, but only briefly. For those paddlers that have paddled both, would like to hear your pros and cons. Thanks


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The 169 is an older design and not much like the rest of the Capella family. That's one reason it was discontinued and replaced with the 167. I haven't paddled the 169, but I like the 163. Where are the P&H guys when you need them?

On vacation in my Capella 169
I can’t compare the 163, but I’ve been in the 169 glass for 3 years now and love it. It’s a little tough on flat water and requires either a skeg or rudder (mine has rudder). Once the water kicks up tough it’s a total pleasure. Just spent the week surfing it at the Outer Banks NC in everything from knee high rollers to head high breakers and I had a smile the whole week.