PH Capella Speed?

I recently got a Capella 166RM. I didn’t buy it for speed, and don’t need it to be fast, but I was curious to know how it compares to other sea kayaks in terms of speed.

Secondly, let’s say I am average in both skill and fitness. Would cruising at 4mph all day with a moderate load be a reasonable expectation?

Thanks - Sorry, I know speed is discussed too much, but I am planning a longer trip and want to estimate the number of days it might take.

No problem
For the boat. Have paddled with lots of people in Capellas and speed wasn’t a problem.

4 mph sounds doable if you are in the int range. More up to you than the kayak.


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I have the glass 167. It is firmly in the range where "most any sea kayak requires about the same effort to go 4mph". Maintaining 4.5 mph for a distance requires some work and conditioning and pushing above that is rewarded mostly with extra exertion and not much extra speed.


Thanks folks.

I’ll plan for about 3.5 to be a bit on the conservative side. I was just thinking of hull speed, not including breaks and such. As such, I will start focusing my work-outs now, primarily directed at increasing my endurance. It seems that pulling a boat along at a moderate pace for a long time will be more efficient than really straining to squeeze out that extra mile/hour.

Thanks again.

trip planning
Is your trip solo or are you going with a group? If with a group, you will only be as fast as the slowest paddlers. As far as your paticular boat, the capella, I paddle one too and I’ve found that the conditions of the water can do a lot to how fast I can paddle. I paddle rivers mostly and in groups where others are in a wide range of different types of kayaks. In twisty, tight turns (like when I have to thread my way around downed trees in the river) I’m the slow one. Those little rec kayaks can really scoot around fast. But put me on a wide river, even with a cross breeze and ruff water, I can fly. What I trying to say is: your trip needs to include what other’s are paddling, type of water and weather conditions. Oh, and how loaded the boat is will also make a difference in speed. Make sure some of your work-up planning includes taking the boat out and paddling with it loaded with all your gear.

Thanks . . .
The trip I am planning will likely be solo, or with others who are faster than me (hopefully I don’t get passed by the keowees out there). It will be in wide open spaces, so turns won’t be an issue. Choppy waves might slow me down a bit, but the weather here never lasts, so if I can’t paddle during the day, I will be able to cover some distance in the evening.

Thanks for the suggestions, everyone. As usual, my question was more than amply answered.