phase 3 airpro seat issue

Hello Everyone.

I recently purchased a pungo 120 and an aspire 100. Both great boats and I’m very happy with them however, my pungo 120 is causing some problems.

The back rest will not stay up (vertical) Every time I lean into it, it slips downward and I have to use a fair amount of force to lift it back up to its normal position. I have no problems with the seat on the aspire and the dealer I got it from just closed shop last week. A call into Wilderness Systems instructed me to re tighten the bungees and tie them off again.

Anyone else have this issue or can offer some advice?

We are talking about…
…the movement of the backrest up and down (vertically) right, and not how it leans backwards and forwards?

I think the WS folks were right. The default position for the backrest is as high up as it can go and it is held in that position by the bungees. To adjust it you are actually pulling it down against the tension of the bungees, so retensioning them should help.

But, I would encourage you to keep the backrest as vertical as possible and as low as possible. You’ll have less of a tendency to slouch and you’ll be able to more freely rotate your torso while paddling that way.