Phase 3

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So I just picked up my Tsunami 125 and have a couple of questions- The seating is called phase 3 (why, I'm not sure) but when I have the backrest raised all the way up and I lean back, the seat reclines with me. Is it supposed to do that, or am I putting too much pressure- it just feels like it's going to snap??

Also- when storing a Poly boat, I have it hanging from the wall inside two straps that go around both sides of the cockpit- will this deform the boat at all?


unless i am misunderstanding you, it sounds like you just need to tighten you side adjustments on your seat, so that it keeps you sitting upright. on my phase 3, the seat back raises and lowers for comfort, but i have found that it wont always hold the position and that it occasionally pops down. im not sure if this has been a problem for you. I called wilderness systems and they offered to replace a part, or the whole seat if necessary. there are a lot of moving parts which means more pieces can brake. Personally, the seat does not feel that sturdy to me.

The side support straps helped a little. The problem I have is when the backrest is raised all the way to the top the side support straps (where they run behind the seat) are only about half way up the backrest. Therefore, when I lean back the lower half of the backrest is solid, but it feels like the upper 1/2 of the backrest is going to break and leans back pretty far.

Is that by design or just what I’m going to have to live with?

it sounds like
you might have a broken seat… there is a pivot point that allows the seat to adjust forward and back sot that it will fit to the shape of you back. but, the back rest itself should feel solid. you should be able to slip off the seat pad cover and see if there is any damage. if it is “folding” in anyway, i would contact the manufacturer. They were very responsive to my request.

tons of leverage can be applied to the top of the lightweight, plastic backrest when it’s ALL THE WAY UP. We could build it so sturdy that anyone could yard against and feel NO FLEX…but it’d weigh more.

Live with it. Just lightly lean against it for support, don’t expect it to support you like a BARCO lounger.

fwiw- you do know to NOT have the seatback up at all when you’re paddling, eh? restricts body rotation, the main source of power.

P/3 is named after 3 dimentional adjustment.


CWS designer

Makes sense…

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that it is designed to lean back. Steve, I do keep the seat down for the most part. I'm a bigger guy 6'3" and 220 so even when I try and lean light it still gives a little. I usually pull the seat up after I have been paddling for a long time and just want to lean back and rest for a few minutes.

I just didn't want to break the seat- and now that I know it's designed that way I feel better-

What is the other dimesion of the three phase?
1) backrest adjusts up and down
2) backrest adjust forward and backwards
3) ??

leg lifters
adjust up/down.