Phase 3

Does anyone know if Phase 3 seating is compatible with kayaks other than Wilderness Systems? If so, how would one go about getting a Phase 3 seat without tearing one out of a boat? Thanks for anyones insight!

Seat back

– Last Updated: Jun-30-08 12:50 PM EST –

"Phase 3" comes in two flavors: with high-back (adjustable) or with a back-band.

The back-band you can buy for about $40 from many retailers such as REI or online. It is a Harmony backband and is not bad IMO. I have that and it can be installed on just about any boat, easier on some than on others. Wider cockpits are actually better for it, as it can slide sideways as you rotate your torso. In my Tempest 170, the backband (same one) is pretty much touching the cockpit on both sides and has minimal side-movement, but on my other boat I have about 1 inch of sideways sliding motion or more and I find that very nice for torso rotation.

The kind of rigid high-back I think you will not find separately. And unless you have a specific back problem and need high back support or like to go fishing and relaxing, a back band is better for paddling.

I do not think you can find the bottom separately. Plus, unless your boat has a very similar hull shape, it will require some trimming.

Lastly, the hip support (the front flaps that lift) is OK but I think other alternatives work just as well if not better but it is a personal preference as much as it is a design solution. For instance, I just bought a Necky touring seat pad (see my other post) and that is the seat bottom that is in boats like the Chatham and some others. Go to a store that carries Necky noats and see if you like that (there is another model with a cup-holder that is a bit different and that is also available for sale by Necky and it comes with a seat back I think). My pad is the "V" shaped front model with extended hip support. It offers some nice contouring at the rear as well and decent hip support as it is. It can be padded to your liking to fit. Plus it should fit most any type hull as it is flexible. Cost is anywhere from $30 to $60 for the pad.