Philadelphia - Schuylkill River put ins

Hi - I’m hoping some local paddlers can provide recent advice on where to park and put in if one wants to try kayaking around boat house row/ Manayunk. I’ve tried the “Go Paddling” portion of this site, but the posts all seem very out of date. For example, Shay’s dock is not an area one can drive to on the weekend(MLK drive closed to vehicles on the weekend).

I’ve found Flat Rock Park, the Upper Merion Boathouse, and the Valley Forge park put in. I just want to try an urban spot but I’ve had bad luck driving places and never finding parking are near the water.

Has anyone paddled the Christina River in Wilmington? After boat house row, I will look to branch out to the Delaware.

thanks for any advice. I look forward to connecting with local paddlers.


Well, I guess not many Philadelphia paddlers on P’Net. I live in Glen Mills (Delaware County). If anyone ever wants to meet up, PM me via this site.

See you on the water!

I found “A Paddlers Guide to the Schuylkill River” as published by I don’t know why this didn’t come up in any previous searches. Info below if anyone else interested.

I hope to to meet up with other Philadelphia area paddlers. Today I paddled the Christina River through Wilmington, DE. It is a bit closer to home, but the Schuylkill is a better experience.


Did you try contacting the Philadelphia Canoe Club?

They told me about Flat Rock Park. I’m trying to find a reliable place (meaning parking) to paddle the Noat House section, and then again through the city. The guide I just ordered looks like it will be helpful.

I’m asking the same question, interested in places to put in on the Schuylkill in Philly… what did you discover?