Philadelphia temporary storage help

I am seriously considering buying a boat from a fellow P-netter in Connecticut and he can bring it as far as Philadelphia.

does anyone know of a place to store the boat until I can get up there to pick it up? Or can anyone recommend a reliable and careful shipper from that area? (the very thought frightens me)


A lateral pass?
Perhaps you can contact a kayak shop in Philadelphia. Business is slow at this time of the year. One would think that they would be fine with storing a boat for awhile for a reasonable fee?

Or…just have it shipped to you from CT?


Any recommendations?

I’m an hour from Philly
near Reading, PA. I’ll keep it in my basement if you want. e-mail me via link

Yup…and a Philly Steak Sandwich sugg.
Do a search on this site with the following key words:

“kayak shipping”

You will be provided with numerous shipping companies that have shipped kayaks. As far as shops in Philadelphia…have no idea…

I can recommend a great place to get a Philly Steak Sandwich! Most folks go to the ‘big name’ spots in South Philadelphia. If in Phila., check out Dalesandro’s…a nice memory from my youth. However…sure doesn’t fit with my almost 53 y.o. body that is getting in shape for greenland paddling technique in pool sessions next month…AND NOT the choice for a healthy heart…but…nice memories…

Good luck…



my house
I am 50 miles north of Philly—about 4 miles from the Quakertown Turnpike exit. Let me know if you can get it here.

Delasandro’s…please, for hoagies maybe but I’ma loyal Chubbies patron. : )

Go to Harrisburg often. Going to Florida
in Dec is in planning stages. Jacksonville, Daytonia Beach, Tampa, maybe as far south as Ft Myers. If Florida does not work ouit am going as far as NC at least.

Maybe we all can relay it down to you.

What size and weight boat are we talking about? When will it be in Philly? etc, etc, etc …



Reading would only be an hour from

– Last Updated: Nov-15-05 5:53 PM EST –

where I go in the Harrisburg area. Two hours round trip. That would be a fairly easy hand off.

Next trip to Harrisburg is 26 Nov 05. Florida trip would begin 3 Dec 05. Is this too soon to get boat to Reading?

Philly would be at least two to three hours , four to six round trip depending on the side of town you are talking about and would not fit into my day trips to Harrisburg.

Let me know.



guys thanks.
It’s an Arctic Hawk that I am probably not going to buy now.


Cheese steaks
If you’re close enough to go to D’Alesandros, cross the river and try Momma’s on Belmont Avenue. I grew up 6 blocks from d’Alesandros , and Fiesta and Chubbies, but Momma’s rules.

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My raised in Philly diehard Eagel’s fan lovely better half says you have to try the very best! Go to Leo’s in Sharon Hill.