Phishing Phact!!!

Hi All!

I may be relatively new to this site, but I am not new to fishing!

Even at my age, I still thoroughly enjoy prowling through the various fishing chat rooms! You are never too old to learn!

I suppose my favorite sites are,, and While browsing these three sites, I have observed obvious differences, and just as obvious similarities!

One of the similarities being, all participants adamantly maintain their site is the most informative and the friendliest! They are all 100% correct!

Another personal perception is, some of the comments, ideas, and suggestions are based on years of experience and knowledge, some are inspired by one or two fun or successful fishing trips, while others or made by those who simply have a desire to see their own name in print!

Therefore, it is up to the individual reader as to which post you wish to take to heart, and which you chose to take with that proverbial “grain of salt”!

I have learned a lot over the years; some things through personal experience, some through reading posts like these, and others by simply listening!

But there is one irrefutable, undeniable fact about fishing, that cannot be debated, or argued against, that I would like to share with everyone!

I can make this statement without hesitation or fear of contradiction, because I have learned through 60 years of fishing that it is also 100% correct!

It is this - - -

The totally absolute best day of the year to go fishing for any and all species of fish is YESTERDAY!!!

“Wow! Shoulda been here YESTERDAY!”

“They were really hittin’ good YESTERDAY!”

“We limited out by lunch YESTERDAY!”

The story of my life!



Welcome Deral

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You are right about the fish biting better yesterday. This is a very small forum compared to others, but helpful.

guess that means you need to fish every single day to make sure you fished yesterday…

How is it
that everyone “just got here”?

Next time I go on vacation…
I’m going last month. No question about it. And I’m planning my next fishing trip for yesterday.

Welcome to the site. P-net’s pretty cool if you can keep ShenandoahRiverRat from showing you the picture of the musky he caught while smallmouth bass fishing twenty times.

  • Big D

YOU sure seemed to enjoy it…ya big doofus!!!

And as they say…“you always remember your first”