Phoenix Savage Kayak

Just bought a used Phoenix Savage Kayak. Anyone know where I can get some information on it?


Have you contacted the Phoenix folks

That must be a very old model, because I don’t remember ever seeing it on their website, and I’ve been perusing their website for over 15 years.

Phoenix Savage Kayak
Checked the Poke boat website, nothing there. Saw a reference to it on the Eric Jackson website but couldn’t pinpoint a date – possibly 1980 or so. Fellow I purchased it from said he bought it used three years ago, and he thought it was eight years old, but I’m guessing it’s older than that! Will try getting some info by contacting Poke through their website.

What sort of info do you want?
Let us know if you need suggestions on how to outfit the boat so you can use it.

Some info from memory
Back in the late 70s I was in retailing, and one line we sold was Phoenix. The Savage was their “old school” WW kayak, old school being compared to the Slipper which was designed for slalom. The Savage as I recall had a bit of “V” in the bow with a rockered non-V stern. It was typical of what folks called river running boats through the early 80s. Great beginner’s boat, but would not spin quickly.


i recall dannyb9 has two Pheonix
boats. Just search archives for his posts or email.

Phoenix Savage
I bought mine in ~1979. Good for down-river : stabile and turns in short radius. Ok for flat water but some correction may be needed to keep going straight. Easy to roll but maybe not as easy as the new models. The old school Match is great for flat water but not stabile. The slipper is best for white water - can turn on a dime.

Have fun!