Phone Chargers

What type of cell phone chargers are available for use away from standard power source? Solar? Crank? Do they work well? What brands, models are best? Costs?



Phone chargers
Check out the Goal Zero line of solar chargers and battery packs. Trouble-free and expedition proven. One is almost to the gulf right now with Janet Sullens Moreland, the first woman and first American to paddle the entire Missouri/Mississippi river system, 3800 miles worth.

Back-up battery
I have a back-up battery that will give the phone about two charges. That is more than enough around here. Most of the places I camp don’t have any service so I only turn it on and check in when I am in an area I know has it. Turning the phone off unless you need it conserves the battery for a long time.

Solar and it works well.
I’ll get you the name of it later when we get it unpacked. (we just got down to the first stop of our snow bird destination, and will be using it in the Everglades)

Jack L

To me the Joos looks like the best of the bunch.

It is called a "Power Curve"
And has plugs for just about everything.

Jack L

if its the one on Amazon
not great reviews. Let us know if it works for you or if it doesn’t too.

I don’t pay much attention to reviews
of anything unless I know the reviewer.

It was recommended to us by a good paddling friend, and we bought it for the 300 mile Everglades Challenge

It worked fine for us last winter, and we are planning on using it again in a five day trip in the Everglades this winter.

We did a lot of testing it outside of our camper prior to relying on it

Jack L