Phone question

My Android phone has decided it prefers to give directions in German and it’s intermittent. I was listening to some directions in English and suddenly it switched. I was nowhere near a control. It’s relatively new so I hope warranty covers it.

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Das gefallen Sie nicht?


I once rented a car in Italy and accidentally switched the GPS to Russian and never did get it to English because all the menu options were in Russian.

As a young lad, I was prone to pranks. Tried switching the Hertz Neverlost system in a rental car to Japanese, but alas, it would default back to English (American) on rebooting.

The lass in my Waze application is a Brit. Much more fun than the standard. Had Arnold Schwarzenegger as a guest navigator for a while, but he was pretty insistent on certain directions.

I knew the question would get some thoughtful answers. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Serious, unless there’s specific custom data and settings you can’t lose you should try clearing the data and cache for whatever navigation app you’re using. You may need further instructions for this but it’s not at all difficult.

Also make sure it’s updated. Beyond that an uninstall followed by a reinstall fixes just about anything that can be fixed.

There’s unlikely anything wrong with the phone itself. Its a software problem.

Das fuhrer est ein dumbcoff.

I’ll be with 2 computer jocks this weekend. Give them something to do.