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Our cells are on Verizon. Wifi is Spectrum. A recent development is that texts won’t go through at random times, regardless of length or distance to the recipient.
Now, but still infrequently, emails won’t go through.
Any ideas on where to start looking ? I’ve talked to Verizon and they did several tests
on texts
at their store with no problem. Spectrum seems to be the issue.

Update phone’s OS, then update carrier settings. Then reboot the phone.
As for the texts, on 1 of my iPhones, the text messaging app re-sets itself to not having an address or # to send/receive whenever the iOS updates. I have 2 iPhones one for work and one personal, same models, same iOS but only one does this. I have to go in an manually specify my text messaging settings each time there’s an iOS update. Don’t know why but it’s a thing.
Is there a dead spot in your house where there’s weak WiFi coverage?

What type of phone do you have?

You can turn off either wifi or mobile data to isolate which carrier is the issue.
If you turn off wifi and everything’s fine, then the issue is probably with Spectrum.
Does this occur only when you’re at home using your home wifi?

I have a Motorola phone. Yes, it primarily happens at home. We’re retired so home is primarily where we are. I have not had the problem on the road.

The phone text app I have defaults to “chat” which gives more features than regular sms texting and it occurs only on wifi. When you start typing does your phone say “chat” or “sms” to the right of the message? We had issues with “chat” messages sometimes not showing up for hours if at all. If it says chat, go into the app settings and change it to use sms only. That fixed 99% of our problem. You will have to do it on both phones.

Ours say chat.

Use the phone to actually talk to people you wish to communicate with, that is what a “telephone” is for.

How archaic!

Yet effective to get the job done.

Don’t you know that if you want to talk to an introvert on the phone, you need to text for permission to call, first? And since you’re already texting, you might as well state your business via text, because introverts aren’t taking your call.


If something needs to be communicated between two people, the “introvert” needs to wake up and come at least into the 20th century, clean out their ears to listen to another human and to express their thoughts then in response talk into a device designed efficiently for the purpose. I don’t text, never will, don’t see the need. I actully speak to people and they are free to respond using their own voice.

I guess I have my history backwards. I didn’t realize phone technology was more modern than SMS.

Also, while my post was mostly tongue-in-cheek, there are people who have VERY HIGH anxiety reactions to phone calls. A little kindness and understanding toward those who do goes a long way, especially since they didn’t have an option to communicate without phone calls in the past. Texting (and email) has literally kept such people connected much better than they could be in the past. All humans need connection and communication, even when it’s not in the manner you demand.


I text my kids and paddlers. Minimal communication required. My wife is a totally different situation

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Who said anything about having to be “modern” in every aspect necessary to living today? A hammer can still drive a nail. I never said anything about email. if you decide to communicate a paragraph of information to me electonically, send me an email, just don’t expect me to flash my thumbs tapping out letters on a dumb screen to send a message back. I long ago learned how to tap out Morse Code individual letters to spell words. But then the telephone was invented as a modern convenience, and it became universally accepted.

I text my daughter as that gives her the opportunity to respond at a time convenient for her. She has a job that is NOT 9-5. Sometimes the text is to arrange for a time to call. She works in disaster relief and the last year and a half has been a disaster. She is never home and is often on a work call or a phone conference call or has arranged for one to start soon talking with people from Hawaii to Connecticut and inbetween

I love people that think their way is the only way and can’t shut up. Your life is not my life.

String we have the same setup as you. I have noticed the same but five minutes later everything works. We have a pause in cable and internet about five times an hour lasting five seconds. Our service is not great in the woods but its the only combo that works at all. To get cell service we either have to use Wi Fi or hope our cell phone booster is working.

Good to know you are the sole authority on how to use modern technology. We’ll ask you permission next time we use GPS. The original phones required a human switchboard person. According to you, the user himself dialing is not using the phone as it was intended. I imagine the outrage when you learn about cell phone, or even smartphones! What’s next, us low-lings actually using the features a modern phone has? the first cars had cranks to start the engine. How dare I use the electric starter!

OP: SMS is a problem with the cellphone carrier. Email should work as long as you receive Internet (not your cellphone carrier, in your case). So if Internet works on the phone, email should work. Any problem should be your email provider. And the phone itself could be gumbed up as well. Always good to de-install useless apps, or reset as described above. Google your phone model how to reset it.

That usually occurs when I am at home and have both WiFi and 5G on. I have AT&T for both services and its like there is a conflict between the two. If I do as narrby suggests above and turn one or the other off, it works fine. I have similar issues with some apps. Have the same issue in places like airports where there is public WiFI and good 4 or 5G coverage too.

I’ll check that out. I’ve tried to send a text 3 times this morning and it wouldn’t go.

i don’t like talking on the phone.
might be from my childhood days when we had a party line and some nasty lady was always on it and i had to have permission from the neighbors mom if i wanted to play there as my parents didnt want us barging in on them unannounced.
she would be nasty and was ALWAYS on the line so we couldnt call

i prefer a quick text unless it is something that actually need some discussion.

I have a cell phone. Have had one here for 15 years. 38 years ago in our area we were using crank phones with an operator.

We had the last crank phone service in the US.