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a Bung entry

yesterday, the river between Angola…you remember Angola ?..and Namibia




Hobie on Trailer



Photo Grammar Tree Flatlines

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The devils in the details.
The shake some bake now fries.
A thousand pictures worth few words
has Son of Sam in sighs.

These links me thinks are joining up.
"Chain, chain ,chain," Aretha sings.
When shackled cackled ak'd atoll
prattle-on furballed in spring.

the pack rafters

are in the Aleutians source of the current colder weather

Trailer hitch

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Florida winter is a wonderful time for Kissimmee paddling, north winds few bugs. The area is thinly populated.

We suggested a Kissimmee trip from ? to Sanibel Island

for a Florida camping expedition.

another controlled burn

guy in the canoe seems completely unfazed.

prob a Ranger.

The reeds are an import from Egypt ?

Once a barrier now with electronic surveillance a hiding place.

I was on site for the burn before the last that came close to ? FT Worth. Visible 100 miles away.

There is a long straight pool, 2 miles ? Both banks thick those reeds two solitary mesa/mtns at the pools end over the horizon. Muy Frio !

Photos of the reeds banks

Google images: Rio Grande River

Has excellent photography

7.8 portage !

at dawn

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ash trees in the frame
right side. Image was taken in '04 in MA. I wonder if those ash trees are dead now.

E Day
the site of our first E Day is 25 degrees warmer today than Day One …

GooMaps celebrates:

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