Photo sharing sites

OK. I really need to sign up with one of the online sites so I can post my Raystown photos.

Especially the one of Topher.

Who likes what site? Webshots? Grove Street? Photobucket? Others?

At this time (9:23 am EDT) I can do nothing - corporate IT has all of them blocked ("…not a valid business address…") so I will have to wait until I get home tonight.


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I use wewbshots.
Mainly because there are alot of other paddlers that use this site to share photos on another board that I am on. And because it is free don’t know about the others. Webshots is a good site.

The best is
You can see pictures in larger sizes and it has lots more options for organizing and printing pictures. Pros use it to display photos for sale. However there is a cost. I believe you get what you pay for. The free sites are all about the same in my experience.

“Larger sizes”?

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I have yet to find a size limit for photos on webshots, whether you are talking about pixels or file size. You've got to choose the option to see full-size photos when viewing albums, and without a high-speed connection the really big ones can take "forever" to show up, but that would be the case on any site.

You are right about Webshots
As it happens no one I exchange photos with uses Webshots and I was not aware there was a full size option. None of the 6 or 7 others I am aware of allow full size pictures.

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I use epson I host the pictures for Our club website there.

I’ve been happy with Webshots
I’ve got quite a bit of material on there and haven’t had any problems with them.

flickr ( is pretty decent. At the free level you get 20MB storage. Good Luck.

i use snap fish its a opt online and hp product if you want to see the pictures let me know. i think you can go to and type in my name and look at the ones i have uploaded. good luck

I have had good luck with and it is free.