As a novice kayaker, I am looking for advice on keeping cameras dry yet within reach for use from my kayak, and how to keep them dry during use.


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If you have enough money, you can get the waterproof housing that enables you to dive with your camera... if you buy the right camera brand. I bought a Canon Powershot A80 and if I find I need the housing I'll save my nickels and dimes and buy one. In the meantime I bought an Otter Box for 16 dollars American. It worked out ok yesterday.

Check this out:

When I bought the Otter Box I noticed there was another brand called Pelican or Pelikan. Something else to consider.

UW Camera Housings…
I agree with other suggestions you’ve received. My preference is to use a Underwater Camera Housing. With a land camera in a watertight box (like a pelican box) is not very convenient. I keep my Olympus C-5050 camera in the Olympus PT-015 housing and it’s ready anytime it’s needed.

Unless it’s really rough conditions, I just tuck it under the bungies on the deck. If it gets bad, I place it in the day hatch. I should also mention that while it’s on my deck I also attach a retractable cord (lanyard) to it (just in case).

If you’re interested, I’ve posted some of my photos at:

(look closely and you’ll also find several photos of Flatpick )

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i use a heavy duty ziplok bag, two if its rough. i am very careful when i take my camera out of the bag.

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Here are some waterproof bags for cameras.

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Thanks for the suggestions. The EWA-Marine dry cases are available for a variety of cameras and will work great from in the kayak, the air inside will keep the camera bouyant if lost overboard, and can be used underwater.