I don’t usually try to promote a product, unless I’ve had a good experience wih it.

Over the years I’ve traveled with various cameras and camcorders while canoeing, kayaking and sailing.

The main concern I’ve had, and I’m sure most who like to document their trip has been, how to keep the camera dry, yet available for that quick shot you don’t want to miss.

Without getting those bulky expensive waterproof cases, which are not always made for all cameras, I’ve tried ziplock bags and waterproof dry bags. Both work fine for transporting the cameras, but are slow in getting the camera out for that ‘once in a lifetime shot.’

I’ve resisted entering into the technological age of digital cameras, but out of desperation due to missing a shot of my friend upending his sail boat, actually standing it on end while tipping it over, I questioned a local camera dealer about the availability of a water resistant camera.

Without hesatation, he reached up on one of the shelves and took down something that looked like a cell phone. A Pentax Optio WP…WP for WATERPROOF.

I was a bit leary of dealing with all the features it has. I just wanted a cheap (non existent I think) water resistent camera. But the more I thought of it, maybe WATERPROOF would be better. I do, unintentionally, enter the water quite often. So, being that I recently sold a kayak, I had the means to purchase the Optio WP.

I’ve only had it for a short time, but so far, I’ve had more enjoyment and peace of mind with that, than I did with the kayak… And I’ve even taken underwater shots with it!!

I made a lanyard out of a lightweight nylon cord, to carry it around my neck, with a spring toggle that I slip up so the lanyard is snug enough not to slip over my head, in case of a tip over. The camera itself can then be carried in a chest pocket of my PFD or my shirt or jacket pocket, ready for a quick shot that would otherwise be missed.

Check it out and consider the possibilities of such a light weight, compact camera for your next water outting.

good timing,Gail. I just got back from a paddling weekend and was using a Nikon digital camera. I KNOW it’s a good camera but I just can’t help hating it. The fact that it’s not waterproof adds to my thinking that it’s not the right camera for me. I’ve been looking around and the Optio WP is at the top of my list. It not only will fit in a PFD pocket but it will fit fantastically in my fly fishing vest, too!

New camera vs. new case
Why ditch a camera that is otherwise good, when a small Pelican waterproof box (the 1010, 1020, 1030, etc.) series costs only about $15 to $20? I use one of these with my Optio 43WR. Bungie to the deck and it is very quick and easy to access.

was a loaner
The Nikon’s a loaner anyway. Luckily for me it was in my blue pelican box when I capsized TWICE with the camera on Sunday. Box worked. Camera’s fine. Still, I’d prefer one that I don’t have to put away. There have been several times I’ve wished I had a camera at the ready while paddling. And I’m enough of a klutz while fly fishing/wading that I’d definitely ruin one then.

Quite a coincidence :slight_smile:
I ordered one myself last Thursday and it’s scheduled to arrive this afternoon.

Not a plug by any means, but if anyone is interested I found the best pricing at

Glad to see you like the camera… looking forward to getting some good pix…


What about the actual picture-taking?
I would like to use my standard 35mm camera, a waterproof bag, and a bungie attachment. My challenge is getting the doggone thing out of the bag to take a clear picture without getting water everywhere. Suggestions?

Olympus Stylus 800 Check out this link and you’ll get a review of another camera to consider . FishHawk

With 35 MM camera…
I carry my Canon AE-1, or AE-1 Program in a Pelican case. I believe it is their 1200 model case. Carrying a camera in a waterproof bag is a pain!

I cut out the foam inside the Pelican case to fit either camera with a telephoto lense attached.

I also cut out spots for 3 extra rolls of film, and a 50 MM lens.

Have a small loop utility cord around the handle on the case with a caribiner attached.

Wrap utility cord around thwart on canoe & lock the caribiner to the utility cord. Keep loop small to avoid possible foot entrapment. Have been using this system for nearly 10 year(including whitewater), and haven’t had a leak in the case yet. Can open case, remove camera, remove lens cover on camera & be ready to shoot in about 10 seconds, depending on river conditions. For whitewater action photos, I pull over to the river bank, or eddy out.


Using 35mm cameras on water
I have used a Pelican box (1300, I think) for 35mm SLR with one short or medium length lens (1300 will not fit long ones w/body). Separate box if I want to bring two more lenses.

It’s better than a bag for avoiding water-flinging. Also more durable, and shock-resistant.

But you have a choice between carrying in front of the feet inside the cockpit (PITA to pull sprayskirt and carefully remove box) and carrying a fairly bulky box on deck. Not a great choice.

“I made a lanyard out of a lightweight nylon cord, to carry it around my neck,…”

I carry my Optio 43WR (WR stands for water resistant) on my pfd pocket just like you do. Though I loop the lanyard through the shoulder of my pfd instead of my neck!

Your enthusiasm is contageous. And I’m sure we’ll find quite a few of these cameras in the hands of other forum members. Not meant to nitpick, but heck, if you had done a search here, you would have found a bunch of posts about that camera already!