Photos. Connecticut river week long trip

Hi guys,

Take a look:

It was a fun trip.

Looks like a nice place to paddle.

Very nice Tarpan.

Can you tell us from where to where on the river you ended up tripping?

And what’s with the long skinny decked ruddered canoes?

Seriously, thanks for sharing the fine pics.

I know that spot
Ah number twelve (sixth on the second page) is the Moore Dam. Built in the 50’s it is the largest Hydro plant of it’s kind in New England and the res above and below offer some outstanding paddling.

From… to…
from Lancaster, NH

to Wilgus State Park, VT

You are right. That’s a Moore Dam. And the Moore Reservoir is a nice beatiful quiet place. Highly recommend to everyone. But … it’s a flat water, kind of boring.

Wait till the wind blows
The Moore turns nasty when the wind blows and it becomes a gas. A great place for a family day sans wind, places to pic-nic and just hang.