photos of kids kayaking or canoeing

This is a special request, perhaps not even appropriate for this forum…

I am a freelance writer who also contributes to I am working on a project about kids paddling. I am looking for quality photos of kids, 8-11 years old paddling, trying on gear, having fun in a canoe/kayak. This is for an upcoming book project. I will be able to pay you for photos used.

Best method is to send an e-mail of photo you think might work, otherwise a duplicate slide.

If you have any questions or concerns, use this forum…You can send photos for consideration to me at:, thanks…Tom Watson.

Photo release
signed by the parents will be required for any photo of a kid to be used, as you well know if you are actually an author.

I would send you some fantastic shots
of the grandkids paddling in the front yard last weekend, but I would get drummed of P-net.

None of them had PFD’s on with grandpas blessings!



Lots of other ways to find contacts
This sounds completely bogus. BTW there is a certified check cashing scam going on here at

Watch your replies. If your gut tells you creepy it is…especially when they dont want any more information but want all your contact information so “their shipper will pick it up”.

Posters for the most part I think are legit. The info you post can be seen by ANYONE

Glad I’m not the only one that didn’t
like the sound of this. In his defense, though, he mentioned contributing to pnet. I’m sure the editors (Brent, is it?) would remove this if untrue.

Regardless, I wouldn’t be submitting my kids photos, and the point someone made about required releases is a very good one. Would definitely be required if this guy’s legit . . . .

Have to be
…go to BT and scream for yakmom.

Google is your friend
People, you all need to relax a bit. Try doing a google search on “Tom Watson and kayak” and see what shows up. He is a published author of many kayaking books and columns. Before flaming someone, try a little background work.

I have to agree. The message didn’t sound overly “creepy” to me, but I’m a glass half-full kinda guy…

Huh? Wha’d I say?

finally, a good flame!
I was waiting for one.

I thought the name sounded familiar.

Glad someone else
had the same thoughts I did. As a writer, I can easily see why pics of this nature would be hard to find and the search could bring Tom to ask here.

Trying on gear sounds creepy? How? A kid in a PFD, securing the front buckles; a kid testing a paddle for length; a kid standing in front of a kneeling adult who is showing him how to tighten the cord on a spray skirt. Nothing creepy about any of that.

I’ve got four kids and not a single maternal bell went off here. Tom, I’ll see what I’ve got from last year at Alturas.

Well said NM

Settle Down Folks!
Tom is not only legit, but a really nice guy. If you’d like to read some of his articles right here on please check out:



P.S. - I’m real too.

agreed thanks