Photos of mold building

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Here's some photos from todays progress.

Photo #1 is of the mold having been sprayed with orange tooling gel coat.

Photo #3 is of the boys laying on the first layer of fiberglass.

Photo #2 is of the mold just after the boys finished wetting out the first layer of glass.

Lots of layers to go. Stay tuned.


Fun ! Hope they get that flange
’corner’ perfect for you ! : ) Put a second ply light ply on too.

Always interesting
to see such processes. Thanks for sharing! And I hope the mold turns out to be flawless.


Is that the barn my baby was born in?

Sure is.
Tupper mold was bulit right there in the same spot.

Isn’t that the Tupper mold up

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there on top on the left?

Great to see the process. Thanks for posting these pics.

Just finished todays layers.

I thought you were splitting the mold?

Stern split…
We’re building it like we did at Mad River when the Horizon was in production. The molds were stern split and the hulls came out fine. We were building skin coat and gel coated hulls then.

We almost went with full split, but this saved $ and time. Anymore tumblehome and we would’ve definately gone full split.

How does a stern split mold work?

Friends in the 70’s use to build “Two Dans” canoes with highly recurved ends and had to have the mold split lengthwise just as I guess you would for a highly tumblehomed hull, but haven’t seen or heard of a split stern mold.

Cloth is layered on the outside of the mold. Why not inside?

Making the mold

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They're making a female mold over a male form. They're not making a boat.

The orange layer you see will be the inside of the finished mold.

The same technique can be used to copy an existing hull -- and has been, often by people who don't want to pay the designer for his work...

and Jim Henry got paid, too.

With a split stern…
you can spread the end of the mold apart enough to get the hull out unharmed. The split runs down the stern stem and along the keel for a little way. It just happens to work for this hull design.


That is probably the reason why the thread was named “mold building”! :wink:


No more Pics?
How’s the mold coming along?

Got more pictures…
but they still look like an upside down orange canoe. Many layers added since first photos up. Nothing interesting to look at till we start to try and get the mold off the plug. A video might prove more interesting or humorous than photos at that point. Stay tuned. We will definitely update.

This is a mold
for what boat?

Vt Canoe Horizon
Its the Jim Henry designed, maybe redesigned, formerly MRC, now Vt. Canoe, Horizon or Horizon II. A tumblehomed, differential rockered, high performance touring/ tripping tandem. Neat Hull!

please do not edit sound on that
video : 0