Am I the first!

Beat you by ten minutes goofing off in another thread. In order to have the image appear in your message, you need to click the little image icon gizmo and paste the URL there.

Still can’t post a photo into the discussion !

Might be the URL is too long? My experiment in the advice thread was with Photobucket. Both images appeared. Would like to delete one, but so far no love.



That’s an impressive stack of beautiful paddles.
I like the added feature of being able to post pictures this way.

test…to see if I can delete a picture after it is posted!

you get one hour to edit or delete.

How do you post pictures? Instructions please.


You can embed videos - I do like that!

Playing at Tville from Erik Eckilson on Vimeo.

@Raftergirl said:
How do you post pictures? Instructions please.

You can link to an off-site URL using the picture button, or use the embed link from one of the photo sites like this from flickr
Using the embed link may allow you to show a smaller picture on p-net, and link to the larger original. Other than the two line comment box, this might be OK

@Chuck von Yamashita said:

Chuck - use the Share HTML code on the right

photo 132_zps96aadff7.jpg

Kayak covers aren’t just for UV protection. Keeps the snow and firewood bark off as well. Only one of those was used today. It wasn’t the kayak.

Another test…This time a video

I have photos on Google+, and I can’t embed them here, there is a work around via google drive, but I don’t like having to do this. Too many steps and my interest wanes. The method being used currently seems to me to be a bit unfriendly. Another option would be a capability to upload a file from your PC,