Pic of a big smallie I caught....

Sure do love them river smallmouth- this is the biggest dude I’ve ever caught, should have seen him pulling my kayak in circles!!!


hey that’s great , nice one there !!

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..... those Smallies have a way of getting me psyched up !!

They're exciting to catch , I'm addicted to fishin for them !!

I've seen a couple monsters swim under the boat before ... I'm talking like what must be 7-8 lb. range , and one day , just maybe one of those monsters and I are gonna hook up ... since I know they are out there , I'm always waiting for that to happen , it just hasn't ......... yet !!

Hell , I'm a good sport ... even if I don't , I hope you catch one of those rare monsters some day too .

Meanwhiles those nice ones like in your pic. will keep ya plenty satisfied , they are some determined fightin fish !!


Sweet. That’s a good fish!
That’s a nice looking paddle spot too. Beautiful water and nice looking geology. Big smallies and rocks. They go hand in hand, don’t they?

Where is it that you’re still fishing in shirt sleeves?

Got lucky with the temps and water level
Two weeks earlier, it would have been 35 and raining and flooded. But we caught a break and it warmed up to 70- brought the water temps up to about 60 degrees as well.

Honestly, the pic is a of a honey-hole we found 3 hours into the trip. We were on a 3 day 25 mile trip and spent almost 6 hours in this hole. Had so much luck just decided to camp there the first night. We probably caught somewhere between 50-60 smallies and quite a few in the 15-17" range.

We think all of the elements were aligned at exactly the right time- water temp, current, season, lures, presentation and the fact that these fish were just darned hungry!!

By the way, we were in Southern Missouri- on the Upper Jacks Fork River. Here are some more pics if you are interested:


I love spending time like that …
… fishin with ya buds , campin and just lovin life !!

You got some nice pics. there too … great campfire shot , nice water and camp setting in a neat spot !!

Good for ya guys … keep on doin that thing as much as possible .