Piccolo for 16 year old girl

I have the pleasure of hosting my 16 year old niece who’s visiting us from Germany. This Friday I plan to take her out paddling and plan to put her in the Piccolo. She’s about 5’4 inches and no more than 105 lbs.

Will she fit? We’ll be paddling Brady’s lake in the Pocono’s and on Saturday the Francis Walter Dam impoundment.

For the record, she is extremely excited about paddling and really enjoys anything outdoors. She has been going through a lot of my paddling photo’s and has marveled at them.

This Sunday will be a NYC day. Plan is to take the Staten Island Ferry (free boat ride) to lower Manhattan, tour the World Trade Center, South St. Seaport, subway to 42ndSt/Times Square, have lunch, walk to Central Park (her choice) and subway back to lower Manhattan, to ferry, back to car and back home.

She has spent two weeks with my daughter in Virginia and has toured the DC area, spent some time in Ocean Beach, MD.

Piccolo Knowledge
Yes, I think she will fit given your height and weight stats.

We owned a Pic (WS) and my daughter and niece fit it well up to about 120-130 lbs. Great boat, initial and secondary stability, and any athlete will find it a great vessel.

They both paddled it in the ocean in up to four foot swells and handled it well — and they were paddling beginners, but very experienced with ocean surf and swimming.

im 5’10 195lbs
i have one and have gotten into it.

don’t know if it will float with me in it.

Definately does not a good fit for my feet though (size 11).

35" waist 30" inseam.

Probably good
If she’s long-legged, she might find the very low foredeck uncomfortable because it might require a straight-legged paddling position. I rented a Piccolo about 10 years ago and noticed that the lowness became a little uncomfortable. I’m a little shorter than her and about the same weight.